Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We had a scare today

Today I got a call from David’s school that he had a seizure and then vomited. After they took him to the nurse they also discovered that he had a fever of 101.8. I called his neurosurgeon but while waiting for his return call I decided to be safe and just bring him to Phoenix Children’s Hospitals emergency room. Fever is a sign of shunt infection and vomiting is a sign of shunt failure.

My fears began to get the best of me and I balled the whole way to David’s school. A million thoughts must have run threw my head during that 20 minute drive.
Could this mean that David’s patterns would continue and that we would spend the next few months undergoing multiple operations or did David just have a virus, which caused the fever, which triggered the seizure, which caused him to vomit????????

When I got to David’s school he was sleeping. When he woke up it was very obvious that he was uncomfortable but he still attempted to laugh while fighting back his tears. After some Tylenol, a few hugs and kisses, and a cleared MRI David is already bouncing around again. I guess my faith was tested but, in the end God came through =)

Wow I am already feeling behind and homework is piling up as well is the laundry. The house is a mess and I just can’t seem to get enough done in one day to get back on track!!!! Now I just lost another day but I know I must remain grateful that at this point it looks like David is recovering and life is headed back in the right direction.


  1. michelle so gald hes ok lots of love n Prayers Valerie

  2. Hey, I offer cleaning services... I require payment via hugs n kisses from Day-Day.

    But seriously, if u ever need an aditional pair of hands to help out around the house,
    I'm available.... just call =)