Thursday, April 23, 2009

Who thought Graduation would be so emotional

David and I attended our first Graduation celebration last week. One of my scholarships was honoring the graduating seniors. As I sat there my emotions began to consume me. I guess knowing that I had finally made it though my undergrad program had become real. I am still not sure how I did it but I know that it could have never been possible without David’s amazing spirits, the grace of God, and all the strangers who choose to invest in me.

After loosing my father one semester, and a close friend in a tragic car accident the very next, I can not really remember much of my journey. I do vividly remember both phone calls notifying me that life as we knew it was forever changed. I do recall planning funerals and making final arrangements, I also remember the unbearable pain that felt like it would never go away. It will never go away but people were right it does get easier. In addition to these traumatic events David has visited the hospital at least two or three times every semester since I have been at ASU. Most recently in the last semester of my senior year (dayshaview from high school) David required surgery. Graduation feels bitter sweet! As proud and happy as I am it hurts moving forward without the ones you love. I would love for my father to be there knowing that no matter how hard it got we made it through, and he will, I just wich I could see the look on his face.

When people ask me how I do it I honestly don’t know. What I do know is that although, I will graduate with 9,000 other students I believe my diploma will signify much more than education. Strength and endurance is what has allowed me to preserver. Faith and hope for something more has pushed me forward and when life is so crazy that I can not find those characteristics within myself I get them from my twelve year old, David!!!


  1. WOW Michelle! Your story never fails to empower me as a mother. I know it must be hard to go through what you have faced... and I want you to know that you are SUCH an amazing support for other mothers facing a slice of what you do. Could someone get you a cape already? or wait... how bout a sparkling pair of wings... cuz my dear.. you are an angel. Kind a supportive to everyone around you.. always positive and helpfull.. encouraging and resourceful. I need to come bring you your stuff. Perhaps next week.. I will be in the north phoenix area.. so let me know if Tuesday evening works for you.


  2. David and Michelle, Hailee and I are so thankful to be back in AZ and to have the chance to restart our freindship. Hailee still talks about David. I cant believe he is 12, hailee is almost 11.. sigh where does the time go....
    Love Melissa and Hailee