Friday, May 15, 2009

I was recently asked to prepare a speech at a celebration ceremony for one of my scholarship programs. I just thought I would share it….

10 years ago a degree was a dream even to big for me. Higher education was a possibility way beyond my reach. This morning I woke up a college graduate, proving if to no one but myself all things are possible and no dreams to big. I have to give God the glory for were I am at today and were I know he is going to bring us in the future.

It has been a very long journey for me so I will do my best to sum it up in a just a few minutes. At many points it has seemed more like a roller coaster ride. I lost my father, a good friend, David has had many medical issues (including his most recent brain surgery number 28), and life has remain very complicated for me. But this ride is over and now I will begin my journey on a new ride. No matter how hard it has been we have made it and I am walking away a much stronger better person.

Graduating is bitter sweet because I must celebrate my success with out my father. I know he would be very proud so this ones to you pops. Graduation is much scarier than I expected. As frightening as the unknown can seem I am very excited to enter the next chapter in my life with many of you by my side. I just want to thank my Mom and all of my special friends who have held me up when the burden of life was pulling me down. I could not have done it without your support.

Last but not least I want to thank my son David who truly is the wind beneath my wings. David your smile has kept me going when life has seemed impossible; your courage to face everyday no matter what that day would bring has motivated me to get out of bed even when just the thought of getting dressed has overwhelmed me. Your love has carried me through some of the hardest times in my life and you have taught me so much more than any education could even though you are only 12. So as I go on to graduate school I will follow your example and remain strong no matter what gets in my way, because your are proof that even without words, even with limitation, even while enduring so much, that it is not our obstacles that mold us into who we are yet are responses to those obstacles.

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