Friday, May 29, 2009

We are Home =)

Well the doctors are not a 100% sure that David does not have an infection but they are sure enough that they released him. They will continue to watch his cultures for further growth but they think that it got contaminated and that is why it showed bacteria. As far as the shunt tubing somehow the tubing the doctor was looking for from the scan of David's stomach was an old piece of tubing that was lost over five years ago. The reason they could not find it was because it has since been covered with scar tissue. The most recent "missing catheter" is actually still in David's head but was over looked?????????

I think the new doc was so preoccupied fishing for what he saw in the Cat scan that he missed it. At this point it will remain in David's head unless there are complications or he needs another surgery. His neurosurgeon Dr. Moss says it is not worth it to go in just to retrieve the tubing. Had David's neurosurgeon been notified that David was going in to emergency surgery he says he would have come in to operate. All this mess could have been prevented to some degree because Dr. Moss knows David and his head!!!!!!

David is still covered in hives and still shaking a little but he is recovering. I will keep you all posted but thanks for all the love and support. GOD IS SOOO FAITHFUL!

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  1. I know Dr. Moss I work for Dr. Kwasnica best of prayers