Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Well I have not updated in a while so I just want to let everyone know we are still alive just busy busy busy.

Outside of a few respiratory problems that landed us in the hospital for a few days things have been great. I figure the hospital stay was just for the sake of tradition because it was my first week of school. Anyone who knows David knows, knows that Holidays, the first week of school, and finals always come with a seizure or hospital stay of some sort! lol By now I know we always survive so it has become quiet humorous. Now when the Doc's ask what is wrong I tell them "nothing it is just the first week of school".

I just want to say a quick THANK YOU to all the Churches, friends, organizations, and even strangers who support us. There are moments that your support carries us through some very rough times. I think it is very important to remind people how what seems to us as little effort can have such huge impact on peoples lives.

My faith and God and Hope for a better future is what pushes us forward so that we do not remain caught up in our current struggles. I pray faithfully and just when life seems impossible God faithfully answers our prayers.

Just recently I met a church who wanted to do some mission work around my house. My mom had just moved in, I also took in my sister in law and two nieces who had no where to go. Stuff was every where and the city had cited me for all the storage on my patio. In addition this was just after David's last surgery. I was struggling to stay caught up with my graduate classes and it seemed as if my personal life and house were falling apart. Then one Sunday about a dozen angels showed up with tools and open hearts. I know they will never know how much their sweat, labor, and the Saturday they sacrificed for my family meant to us. Not only did it relieve me of a huge burden but it reassured me that God indeed hears my late night cry’s and loves me enough to respond.

So my quote of the week is "Pay It Forward" Not only can this be life changing for the ones you help it will change your life as well!

BTW Thank you Hope Kids for the great pictures!