Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our Update…

My goal for 2011 is to update my blog weekly. Wish me luck!

The last few months have been extremely difficult for me. I was working as an Account Executive at a Waste Management Company, in two graduate programs (19 credit hrs), teaching in a Special Education classroom once a week, and running my own resale business in two states. My days were long and filled with more task than I have had the time or energy to accomplish. Not to mention that David had a brain surgery at the end of September that we are still trying to recover from. When David gets sick our world stops but the rest of the world keeps on trucking right along, leaving us forced to try and catch back up.

My days have been long (17 hrs long) I have learn to function with little to no sleep and this hectic schedule of mine has left me mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically drained! That being said I have not had the time to keep everyone posted on the blog and generally when I found a few minutes I knew that my updates would probably only consist of me wining so I avoided blogging all together =)

Needless to say on December 15th I graduated with my first Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Studies (MNpS) and I will have a second Masters in Special Education next December. David is recovering and all smiles like always and we have officially survived one of the most stressful semesters of my academic journey.

I am learning to put David and myself on the top of my to do list because I am not in a place right now that I can afford to do otherwise. The Holidays and graduation have been hard because I miss my father greatly but I know that he is watching from a far encouraging us to push forward. I cling to the hope that things will indeed get better and that all these sacrifices will pay off in the end.

David and I appreciate all the love and support it really is what keeps us going.

Have a Happy Holidays and a Blessed New Year!


Sunday, October 3, 2010

I try to remain as positive as possible. I smile and make the best of things because that is the only way to make it through this journey! I mask my pain with laughter, my fears with risk taking, and doubt in overachieving but, sometimes it’s hard. It is just one of those weeks! I am tired, anxious, and stressed and I can not find my smile today. The good thing is I know it will be back tomorrow =)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I am missing my daddy this Father's Day!

What I wouldn’t do to have the opportunity to share my life with him or hear his stories again. To tell him that not only did I get a Bachelors’ but I am working on a Masters. I wish I could have him to advice me on my decisions, to console me on my bad days, and laugh with me during life’s crazy moments. I wish that he could see how much David has grown, how amazing his spirits still are, and to just be with us to cherish all those special moments.

*Feb 2007*
The sad day has come when I have to say goodbye.
Although I know the answer my heart asks why.
There are so many questions racing through my mind.
Who will walk me down the isle when it is time?
Who will I call when I have a bad day?
Who can make me laugh in that special way?
Who will cook for me and feed me till I am stuffed?
I want you here with me pictures are not enough.
I know you are at peace now and everything is intact,
But I miss you daddy and I really want you back!
I know that you can breath and move now better than you have in awhile,
And when the though of missing you is to much I hold on to your smile.
You were so much to me, my father and best friend.
Saying goodbye is to hard so; love you pops till we meet again!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

I am officially a blog slacker!

I have not updated since Christmas. Wow sorry guys =) I am done with school work, my room is clean, and now I am soooo ready for a vacation. Mothers day was nice and relaxing and David was so cute he rubbed my feet and said “nice” as he gave mommy a foot massage. So priceless. I am still waiting to hear if Teach for America can find placement for me in Az since I am unable to relocate so as for now my future plans are still on hold. David’s health is good and besides him biting again he remains a bundle of joy like always.