Monday, February 27, 2012

David is Proof That Miracles Still Exist! God is Real!!!!

David is now on 100% life support. Last night a doctor who has treated him since he was a child was called in to come speak to me. We talked about David's contagious giggles, his amazing spirits, & how much he had grown. Then he gently put his hand and my knee & said "mom his lungs are in bad shape, I know he is a fighter but you must be prepared that there is a high chance he won't make it through this". My heart sank & I began to cry uncontrollably explaing to the doctor why I needed David & why he couldn't leave me! Life without David is unimaginable for me! I need his smile, his pure, spirit, his unconditional love...we all do! If David continues to get worse the doctors have already informed us that there is not much more they can do for him, which is fine because I know my God can handle the rest! Family and friends I need EVERYONE praying for a miracle please repost this have your friends pray, have their friends pray, there is power in numbers & I can't loose my Dayday nor can this world afford to loose this little Angel either!

So over the last few days I have had many conversations with God: I have been on my knees, pleaded, cried out, even bartered begging that God would spare my son’s life. I promised to never again complain about how heavy David had gotten, about changing his diapers, and I even agreed to let him throw all of my favorite shoes in the toilet just for him to survive this. I have spent the last few days being the most lost and broken I can ever remember being. I could not imagine life with out my Angel and although, many people think I have been David’s rock the truth is that he has been mine! After hours upon hours of negative reports, and the doctors telling me that my son probably won’t make it through this, I petitioned all of YOU! I was desperate and although I knew God could hear me alone, I also knew that having all of our FB family in friends, including Arizona, California, Texas, Washington, and basically half the world praying would just make the need for an immediate miracle heard load and clear. Many strangers have reached out to us, people who don’t even pray have stopped to stay a prayer for David and I, and I am happy to announce that despite what doctors said our God had different plans! You all have been part of a MIRICALE! I am excited to share with you that last night David opened his eyes for the first time, he sat up, and he has been moved back down to the smaller ventilator! Words can not express how very much your prayers, love, support, and words of encouragement has meant to my family during this very discouraging time. Please know that your voices and prayers are so very powerful and you have made a very important difference to a very special little boy and his heartbroken mommy!

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  1. I wanted to let you know that Juan cried while seeing this. He's realizing how people are dealing with their own struggles and really feels for both of you.