Tuesday, February 28, 2012

In Mommies Arms Again

I was able to hold David for the first time since Thursday ;) The Hospital staff has been Amazing. They were explaining to us that they were going to give him a sponge bath and change his linens. I asked how they were going to do that with David in the bed and the nurses explained to me that their plans was to roll him from one side of the bed to the other. I tried to stay composed but as the tears ran down my cheeks I asked “can I hold him while you change his bedding?” “I just need him in my arms I explained and I haven’t been able to hold my child since Thursday”. The nurse was hesitant, she told me that she had never allowed a parent to hold a child while he/she was ventilated before but she was willing to try it if she could get the other staff willing to help. She probably felt sorry for me or felt my desperation but, she pulled it off. (we bribed them with candy!) Five staff member stopped what they were doing and came in to help me hold my beautiful little boy. I knew and they knew that they were doing it more for mommies heart than anything else but those three minutes provided me a lot of healing.

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