Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Today's emotions: Broken and Desperate...

Desperate for him to wake up, smile, breath on his own! I just want my Daday back and this pain in my heart to go away! Please God I know your listening and if things aren't going to change for the time being,  please bring us comfort and peace :(

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  1. Our hearts ache with you during this trying time! Please know that we are praying for your baby boy and that you have the strength to push forward. You both are truly our inspiration.....and we constantly think of you! Mikey misses you at the school and knows that you have been out because of your son. He has been worried for the past few days and we constantly check your blog for updates when we get home. Please let us know if you need anything...even the simple things like- checking on your home...if you need something to eat, or to have us visit you while at the hospital- we would love to be there for you have been there for my son many of times as his are so wonderful and have left imprints on our hearts as well! David is soooooo sooooo very lucky to have you as his are and continue to do a beautiful job for him! Love, Rosie Sanchez and Family! Mother of Mikey Martinez- Valley View Elementary. (602) 770-2754 or