Sunday, March 11, 2012

BRACELETS ARE IN… make sure to message me how many you want, what colors, & your mailing address. 

Remember the bracelets are free.  I am attempting to build Team David and also show appreciation for all the love, prayers, and support throughout this endeavor.  I also hope that sharing David’s story can inspire the world and build faith. 

If you would like to make a donation to help cover postage & expenses it would be appreciated, but if you are not in a position to do so, no worries just join “Team David”!

Donations can be made by mail, through paypal with my email address ~, online at -, or you can go into any Chase Bank and give them his name: David Campuzano & his savings account #3030970762.

   A Special Thanks to Emis for helping me put together
special packages to send our Team David Wrist Bands out!


  1. I will take two please. Colors Orange and Green. Thx u. I don't know David or you personally but was directed to your sight through a friend on my FB. David Story has touch me deeply. He is such an inspiration and so are you as his mom. I can have a bad day and look at David smile and it perks me up. Your faith in God has inspire me to put my life back on track with God. I will keep you and David in my thoughts and prayers as he continues to heal.

    Angela Ewing

  2. Michelle I have always thought of you as a inspiration ever since I met you in California in 2009. Now that feeling is tenfold. You are an amazing mom and what a miracle boy you have. I would like 2 bracelets one in green and one in turquoise please. Thank you
    Jenny Carpenter
    Little Calebs mommy well not so little now

    1. I am still waiting on an order with more colors but Please message me your address and order to so I can get those mailed out as soon as I get them =)