Sunday, March 4, 2012

David taking his first Breath

The last ten days have been a nightmare for us! We have waited, prayed, cried, prayed some more… Just wanting my Angel to live, be able to smile, breath, and be himself again. Nine days ago Doctor’s told me that my son would probably not make it through the night and that if he did it would be a long battle he was still not promised to win. My heart sank, it became filled will pain, sadness, fear, and I became ill. I knew I needed to pull myself together for David because if anyone could beat the odds it would be David. I also knew a mommy in pieces was not going help him any. The following day I went to church. My best friend asked why I was leaving the hospital to go to church when God could hear my prayers/cries from anywhere. I explained, “ I am not going to church to be heard by God, I am going to church because I am on Empty right now and I need to praise him and feel his presence to get me through this next week”. I cried my way through most of the services and when church ended I ran to the altar. I ran right past the ushers and through myself on the floor at the altar steps. I did not care who was looking, or how crazy I looked, I did not care who laid their hands on me or who prayed for me, all I cared about was that God knew I was laying it all at his feet and allowing him to take control!


That he has my friends, that he has! Our journey is not over nor is our fight but God has completed a miracle and has allowed thousands of people to witness and be part of it.

This morning at around 10:00am David was extubated, he took his first breath on his own, his first breath without the need of help from a machine in 10 days =) 

To God be ALL the Glory!!!!

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