Saturday, March 17, 2012

Home Sweet Home!

We are home =)  I can't not wait to take a nice hot bath, sleep in my own bed, eat whatever I want from my own fridge, and wake up and pick out whatever I want to wear to church tomorrow from my own closet.  Oh the simple things in life...

and then of course the not so simple things, like God's miraculous wonders.  I have longed for this day for weeks now, at one point I was told by doctors that David probably would not make it and if he did taking David  home would problably take weeks or even months.  

Although, this has been a long and tiresome journey I have become ever so close to you Lord, and I have needed that for quite some time now!  Thanks I can truly appreciate the journey because we have completed the battle victorious and the perspective gained through this journey has made me ever so thankful!

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