Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hug your kids today and enjoy them…

This morning I woke up to David playing.  He was just lying next to me with his favorite toy, which of course happens to be the noisiest toy in the house.  I tried to cover my face with my pillow but all I could hear was “head, shoulders, knees, and toes” over and over and over again.    I just wanted it to stop, I just wanted one more hour of sleep.  When I realized that it wasn’t going to happen, I surrendered to my fait and just watched my son repetitively push the foot of his Teddy Bear as it sang the same song, again, and again. In that moment I realized… He is back!

I then got up to put him on the toilet.  When he was done I realized that he had put something (God knows what) in the toilet and as a result my pipes/plumbing were backed up.  I think I have the plumber on speed dial and they have me down as a VIP customer.  My first instinct was to panic, another expense and issue to deal with… Ugh…  then I look over at David and vividly remember the nights I laid awake praying and longing for the day that he could again breath on his own, respond to his desperate mother, and yes play with his annoying toys, and put stuff in the toilet again.  I again realized…   He is back!

I appreciate those things that once drove me so crazy.  When forced to think of life without them I realized that I treasure who David is and what he does even when it wakes me up at 7am on my day off or creates a $150.00 plumbing bill. 

Hug your kids today and enjoy them… Everything about them, because those little moments that drive us parents insane are memories we will cherish one day.  Don’t let those moments slip away, laugh about them, and be thankful that our children are here to drive us crazy!

BTW ~ I am anxiously waiting for his Bears batteries to die ;) 

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