Thursday, March 1, 2012

I can't seem to find my smile today... Maybe it is because I haven't been able to see his for a week now!

One week ago today I brought my son to the ER for a runny nose and a cough and today I sit by his bedside waiting for him to blink, move, moan, breath….

I can not begin to describe how more desperate and helpless I feel with every passing day. 

When the Doctor first told me that David would probably not make it through the night I began to weep.  In an effort to console me the Doctor said that even if David did make it through the night we could still loose him from his illness weeks down the road. Even then he said “if he does survive it is going to be a long journey and the hospital stay could extend to weeks or even months”.  I then grabbed both his shoulders and said keep him in the hospital for months, a year if you have to, I don’t care just KEEP HIM ALIVE!

David has been slowly getting better but he is still considered in “Critical Condition”.  I am praying that God give him new lungs, and soon.  He is no longer in need of High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation but he does still remain on a ventilator.  He has opened his eyes a couple of times now almost as if to “say mommy I am with God right now and I am going to be OK” but the selfish mother in me wants to be with me, restored, and back to his normal bubbly self.  I know God is working a miracle and while David is healing he is using David and his journey to prove too many people how REAL and CAPABLE God really is but, my heart still breaks as David’s mother.  People say to take things one day at a time and at this point we are taking things one breath at a time (literally).  Please keep praying!!!!  We still need a miracle and strength to keep fighting this battle!

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