Tuesday, March 13, 2012

If David could talk I truly believe he would be honored to know that his story is inspiring others!

I have recently had someone suggest that my blogging, sharing, and posting of photos gave the impression that I was exploiting and/or putting my son on display. The thought that anyone would think those are or ever have been my intentions greatly hurts me. I am sorry if I have been to honest, graphic, or real in my post. If I offended you in any way please accept my sincere apology. I have tried to crop most of our photos, but my attempts have not always been successful. So if the pictures of David in diapers made anyone uncomfortable again I am sorry and those were never my intentions.

Sharing our story is not always easy or fun, because as most of you have seen our life is not always pretty and filled with roses. I share our story (raw and uncut) so people know that serving God, remaining faithful, and raising children is painful and overwhelming at times. I may not always be easy, but “he never said it would be easy he only said it would be worth it”

I would not share our story if I felt that sharing our journey... David's life and even suffering wasn’t changing lives, inspiring people around the world, building faith and even bringing people to Christ. That is what has made sharing/blogging/posting worth the time and effort throughout this long hard journey. For the most part that is the feedback I have received

David’s story can remind us all that God is capable of using all things to his glory! That has been the intention of my continuous updates!

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  1. I remember 11 years ago or so my son got burned playing with matches. He was in the PICU at Maricopa burn center. He had the skin graft surgeries etc...I understand how you feel. Helpless at times, and full of Joy others. BUT, the way you keep your eyes on Jesus is amazing, how you keep your strength. Its mind blowing. You are who we all should be striving to be. Praise the Lord for you undying faith in him. Hug the big man for me from Tulsa Ok. Ill be praying for you both.