Friday, March 2, 2012

Lord I trust you with my whole heart and I will continue to praise you but... Life really hurts right now!

David's SATs & blood pressure are dropping. They are increasing the pressure on the ventilator but his rates are still dropping. Pray, Pray, Pray! We were hoping to have him breathing on his own tomorrow! ;(

 I have been playing praise music in David's room all day. It might seem crazy but the lower his rates got and the louder his alarms went off, the louder I sang and praised God!!!!

We will not be defeated! David is now receiving more oxygen(80%) and needing more pressure from the ventilator, the X-ray's show some more fluid on his left side of David's lungs but, everything is finally under control and David is now resting again!

03/03/12 ~ 3:00am
Just got done with David's Intermittent Positive Pressure Ventilation (IPPV) treatment. It's awful I have to lay on top of him & try & keep him calm while the respirory therapist pulls secretions from his lungs. No fun, but it will make him better so I'll be up in 4 more hours to do it again.

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