Friday, March 16, 2012

A recent swallow study revealed that David is aspirating while eating and drinking. This means that the fluid and or food he intakes can and is going into the respiratory tract during inhalation. The potential effects of his aspiration is that it can cause Pneumonia, which doctors do not feel his little body could handle or fight right now. We will be remaining residence of PCH for at least one more day.

When we get home David will be receiving speech therapy so that he can learn to eat and drink again. I know that sounds crazy to anyone who knows David because besides smiling, eating and drinking are the two things he enjoys most and does best!

 He will go home on a special "soft diet" and we will be supplementing his meals with liquid formula which we will be thickening with a special thickening gel. The study showed that David did not aspirate while drinking "nectar thick" fluids.

 All and all he is doing amazing and back to his flirty bubbly self. God has been so amazingly faithful and gracious to us throughout this adventure.

I have been facing some anxiety about going home, David returning to school, and the both of us returning to "our realities". I am excited yet nervous at the same time. Our world has been put on hold for the last month, but the rest of the world has continued on, and somehow we have to figure out a way to jump back in as if "our world" never stoped.

As far as my anxiety, I know that they are natural motherly concerns and I also know that my God is greater than my anxieties and any fears I might have.

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