Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Share because I believe it would be selfish of me to to keep the blessing of David and his Miracles to myself!

Every video I share, picture I post, story I share, proves we serve a kind & loving God! 18 days ago my son was on 100% life support, his organs were failing, & doctors had done all they could do. I was told to say my goodbyes " and Know David had fought a good fight". I got on my knees and begged my God, Abba Father, to intervene and complete the work the doctors could no longer do! Many of you  joined me in that request. 

3 days ago David whispered mom, he has giggled, given nose kisses, & even danced. To be honest some days I have not wanted to blog, talk, or recap our daily events, but I knew that our followers, our prayer warriors, and our supporters were waiting for updates.

Everyone who has faithful followed us throughout this event, has been given an amazing opportunity to witness & experience our Miracles along side us. How could I not share that? 

Our God is a big & Mighty God, but sometimes, that is hard to see when the challenges around us seem just as big and mighty. David proved that NOTHING is to big or small for our God. Just call on him, I promise he'll be there! (no matter what time it is) lol

When you begin to feel defeated, weary, or can only see how big your challenges are, my advice would be; praise God in the mist of the storm, understand that he has a plan and a purpose for all things & sometimes we just need to get out of his way, & when all else fails let David remind you to Smile your way through it!

The news we have all be patiently waiting for: 

Today he is back.... David has giggled all morning, even through a blood draw! He gets histarical when we move the bed, and the blood pressure cuff hugging his arm tickles him to no end.   When we have to do anything uncomfortable to him (pokes, pricks, and/or placing a tube down his nose) we just put on a little Bruno Mars, and it gets him through.  He even dances his way through his treatments no =)   He has also decided that he will flirt with his respiratory therapists but doesn't really need their help... He has decided he can hold his own mask and do their job, he has it all under control!!!!!

Every time he giggles I am reminded that God loves me, his smile reminds me that God will never leave me nor forsake me, his joy reminds me to appreciate the small things we so often take for granted, and when David dances it reminds me that worshiping and praising God is the only way to survive challenges like the one we have just survived!

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