Sunday, March 4, 2012

Thank you JESUS ~ they just extubated David! In English: David is breathing on his own :).

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  1. Hello Michelle, I am a friend of Davides. He asked us to pray and of course that is never a problem. I really believe the good lord is listening and I agree with power prayers!!! I know you have heard this from a thousand people but your strength is amazing. My son is Bipolar and has tourettes and there are days I question my existence, why me? Now my son is almost 30 and he has taught me so much. Mostly patience. My first urge was to choke all the dumb ignorant people and sometimes I still feel that way but I have been blessed and have been taught patience. You taught me something today and that is the power of hope. When I read your story I was more amazed at the fact you never once through in the towel. Yes you got mad, vented and then moved on. That is a lesson I will take to heart. I have never met you but pllease know you have made a difference in this world, not only to your son but to complete strangers like myself. I will look at things differently because of you and your son. What great teachers!!! Please know you have so many people that find you just AMAZING and your son is just beautiful. In my prayers every day and night. Hugs, Kenna Jordan