Sunday, March 4, 2012

This World is a better Place because of his Smile =)

He’s back =) Not even an hour off of the machines, after a week of enduring such horrible things, and he is already smiling! This is exactly what I mean when I say His Smile Keeps Me Going!


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  2. I have been praying for you and your son daily since I saw your story on Wendy Lopez's wall.You and your son have shown me how amazing and real God's strength and power is.
    A lady at my church wrote a song once when her son was going through some medical issues. She was having a tough time and then one day she stood up and proclaimed "HE is worthy".
    When I was praying for you the other day the words of her song came back to me and I prayed them for you and David. Here are the words and I can get the actual music sent to you.

    I will sing a song in the night
    I'll cry out and stand upright
    This is how I will fight
    I will stand and sing a song in the night.

    On HIS word I will stand
    He is the Great I am
    When He stretches for His hand
    There's no weapon that can stand

    He is worthy of my trust
    He is worthy of my faith
    He is worthy of praise
    I will stand and sing a song in the night

    Glory, Glory

    I will continue to pray a hedge of protection around you and David and for continued healing. For God's hand to be on all involved and that HIS plan and purpose will continue to be shown every day through David's care.