Sunday, March 25, 2012

Today is the Big Day...

Many of you have seen the video of David first opening his eyes, but most of you do not know the story behind the video…

 Bridget from Hopekids came to visit David. He was still on full life support, the doctor’s prognosis were not good, and I was one desperate mommy. David had not responded or moved since his seizure and intubation. Bridget leaned over and whispered in David’s ear. She told him that he needed to pull through and get better so that she could arrange for him to visit the Bat Cave and ride the Bat Mobile. Once she said that he started twitching his eyes, as if he was trying to respond to her.

 We decided we would have mommy sing in his ear and see if we could catch him responding (twitching his eyes) on video. We grabbed my phone and the minute we started recording he actulay opened his eyes and looked right into the camera. That moment was breath takeing!!!

 Everyone blessed to be in the room at that moment, can attest to the excitement and joy of being able to watch him open those bueatiful eyes of his. It was almost like he was letting us know he was going to pull through and he wanted to world to know as well (via YouTube of course). Today is the big day. We will be taking our visit to the Bat Cave in just a few short hours.

A Special Thanks to Gotham City Motors for the Bat Mobile experience and to Dawn Hayes ~ Studio D Photography Co for capturing the moment for us, and of course HopeKids and Bridget for your diligent work providing hope to families who need it the most.


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