Friday, March 2, 2012

Too bad David does not like popsicles or I would bribe him with one to wake up ;)

I got this email the other day and it touched me so I wanted to share...

Hi, you don't know me but I feel I know you and your amazing son through your blog. I have a daughter with a cyst in her brain. It is not the extent of what your strength is challenged but it is tough and scary seeing your child go through changes unexplained and the Dr's not always talking. Your courage and support as a mother is truly amazing and shows love is very strong and healing. I am truly sorry what you and your family are facing. However your Dayday is an inspiration of strength,love, and a gift of being unconditional. Our family is praying for you. We wish you a healing heart to be strong for your son. May your love heal him and bring his truly contagious smile once again to his handsome face. Can we send your son a card? My daughter would like to send him a picture she drew. She hopes he wakes up because she thinks he should get a popsicles for being good getting blood drawn. ( she is only 7) many trips to children's in Oakland. 

Power or love to Dayday!

Oh and Kimberley please tell that little princess of yours that I am sure a picture from her will make David and his mommy smile!

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