Wednesday, March 21, 2012

His Story/Our Journey does not end here…

We are still adjusting to being home and I am still struggling with my emotions. In the midst of “our crisis” being strong for David was my only option. Now that it is over, the reality and severity of the situation is sinking in. I remember those 24 hours like it was yesterday. Time stood still and 24 hours felt like 24 years.

The Questions racing through my heart, soul, and mind...
Was this going to be the battle we would ultimately loose?  Was David going to survive this? Was he ever going to wake up? Would things ever be the same? How would I get up and make it through my days without his Smile or my Dayday by my side? Eventually, I begun to get too tired to ask questions or even think.

 Knowing that neither my strength nor David’s strength could fight the battle we were facing, I had no other choice but to lay it all at God’s feet. David did survive, he woke up, and myself and many others are blessed with the ability to enjoy once again, enjoy David’s Smile, but things will never be the same!

 I have seen and experienced miracles, my faith is stronger than I could have ever imagined, I am now able to fully and completely trust God, and I know when I call on him,  he comes running. Throughout this experience I have cried out to God, on more occasions than I can count.  Somehow, someway, in my moments of utter desperation God always responded to my cries.  He has sent signs, used people, and made the impossible possible.  That changes a person!

This last month has been an emotional roller coaster, one with more downs than ups, but at the end I got off the ride, and was embraced by my Father.   Right were God wanted me, were I have needed to be for a long time, back in his arms.

Remember although,  David is on the road to recovery his story/our journey does not end here… We have a world to change =)

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