Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Anyone know of a good/affordable dentist???

My tooth fell out during lunch today =(   It is just a stinking tooth right?  Why am I so upset? It just seems like an additional thing to worry about dealing with when I am barley coping with what is already on my plate.  I can’t contain my tears, life seems impossible right now. 

I know I shouldn’t be complaining when David is healthy. God has already done so very much for us that a dental issue seems irrelevant… but right now missing a tooth and having a tooth ache is not allowing me to think rationally. 

I called Human Resources (HR) hoping to find out about my dental package, only to find out that I don’t have any medical coverage at all.  My window of opportunity to enroll was 30 days after I was hired which was right when David got sick.  I obviously didn’t pay attention to that window of opportunity, so now if I opt to get health insurance through the district I will have to wait to enroll for next year. 

Surprisingly, I also don’t have personal time or sick days available to even get it fixed if I had coverage or the money to do so.  I sure hope that I can stay healthy while toothless and trying to deal with all this stress…

I am feeling very overwhelmed with the many challenges I am facing at the moment.  Tomorrows is a new day and maybe then I will be able to handle life a little better, but at the moment I am trying to get through the rest of my day without another emotional melt down.  

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