Thursday, April 12, 2012

Celebrating David's Miracle Party

I have had several people contact me asking if they could meet David, the courageous little boy that everyone has been so diligently supporting, praying for, and cheering on.  The little boy who’s Miracle they all got to witness.  We both would also love to meet and see all of you just the same, but everyone’s schedules are so hectic that making these meetings happen on an individual basis has been impossible. 

While we were in the midst of our Crisis I joked about having a “We Survived Party” when it was all over and now that it is over I think it is time for a Party!  I been thinking about a celebration since we got released from the hospital, but because of our financial situation and all the stress David's new medical demands I put my plans on the back burner.  The time has come,  I have a few ideas, but would like others input as well…

I am hoping to be able to throw the Celebrating David's Miracle Party in the middle of May.  I am still looking for a location to have the party that will donate the spot or do it for a very reduced price.   I am also looking for other businesses who might be willing to donate things like balloons, decorations, plates, utensils and maybe a jumping castle or clown.  (again for free or a reduced price) 

The Celebration Party will be in honor of God's Miraculous works and wonders.  It will give me the opportunity to share David's amazing testimony and allow us all the privilege of celebrating Gods works in and through David’s life.   

I have a restaurant that has already offered to provided the  food for a very low cost (per plate) with all proceeds going towards "Team David"  for medical bills, my time off work, alternative therapies, and on going medical expenses. 

Any thoughts and ideas would be greatly appreciated.  If ever in my life I had something so grand to celebrate it is this… God completed a miracle on my son’s body and a miracle on his mommies heart!

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