Friday, April 20, 2012

A friend of mine reminded me today that there is always a rainbow after the storm.

Never fails, when I finally lay my burdens at Gods feet, he always picks them up. 

If you read my previous post I have openly expressed that I have been overwhelmed with a accumulation of challenges put in our way.  One of the major challenges was the condition of our home.  Our house was built in 1951, and has required more maintenance than I have had the money or energy to manage.  

Our house is not wheelchair accessible so I am forced to lift/carry David (who weighs 85lbs) around the house.  The main restroom is currently out of order,  we have termites, mold, damage from several leaks, the roof in David’s room caving in, and those are just a few of the many current issues in our home.  I am no longer able to keep up with the maintenance our home needs (not emotionally, physically, or financially), but we do not qualify for a new home on my income alone.  

While David was in the Hospital a local organization (Helping Hands for Single Moms) nominated David and I for a home makeover.  I did not want to get my hopes up so although, I appreciated the gesture I never considered the makeover becoming a reality.  

Today at exactly 10:30am I got a phone call that has begun the process of changing our lives.  David and I have been selected to be featured on the upcoming season of Homergency.  Filming will begin on May 4th and the Final Reveal of our new home will be on May 11th 2012.  Again God had provided and given us another chance at a better life.  

Here's a link to last seasons show:

We will be receiving a home makeover that will be life changing for us in many ways!  More than anything it will provide David the opportunity to become more independent.  David is my world and my heart will never give up on him, but I have feared the day that caring for him becomes too difficult for my body to handle in our current living situation. Those fears are now gone!

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