Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jesus you really do know what I need and when I need it the most.

So as I expressed Yesterday it has been one of those weeks…

I had to get on my knees and ask God for strength because I am overwhelmed and weary.  Last night I had a long conversation with God and today (like any other time I finally surrender) he sent me peace and comfort in several different forms.

While tutoring some of my students after school I had two junior high girls come in my room.  They asked if I was David’s mother and asked if they could do some kind of community service for David.  I asked what they had in mind and they created a list…

·       Bake sale
·        Sale Wrist bands
·        Fundraiser
·         Share his story

♥ ♥ ♥ It melted my heart.♥ ♥ ♥  What precious young souls!  I told them that they could help me plan and organize David’s Miracle Celebration in May and they were willing and excited.  It is not often you see that type of compassion and kindness in youth these days, but when you do it is very refreshing.  

I then got a call from Preferred Health care who I have been fighting with to get David’s medical diet (which cost over $500 a month) covered by insurance.  I have been working on the authorization process since David was released from the hospital with no avail.  I have spent countless hours on the phone, to get no where and after  several conversations ending in tears, I surrendered and have been purchasing his food and using my credit card to pay for it.   

Good News… Today I got an unrelated call from Preferred Health and the lady I spoke to was kind enough to look into the issue even though it was not her department.  After speaking to several nasty and unprofessional employees over the last month I got someone who was empathetic and cared.  She has begun the process again, but has gotten a supervisor involved and they hope to have his diet covered by insurance and delivered in the next few weeks. 

Then I come home to a package for David sitting at my door.  We open it and it is a custom bear from Lou and June (a couple we have never even personally met).  The bear had a voice recorded joke to David and a customized t-shirt on which read “When you have an opportunity to help, don’t just think about it.  Bear your heart and do something about it.  Thank you Lou and June because your kindness brought tears of joy to my eyes and put a smile and both David and my face =) 

Jesus you really do know what I need and when I need it the most.  These simple acts of kindness are what will get me through the rest of the week. 

My daily thought… Remember when your dealing with people you never really know what those people are dealing with.  Be kind and show them love because it just might be what gets them through their day!


  1. Michelle,

    Just needed ri tell you, you are a WONDERFUL MOTHER, to say the least. Although we are not as close as we once were, I'm glad we are able to keep in touch. Your last post brought tears to my eyes, its has been a rough struggle for you and I both,(in different Ways of course) but you inspire me and I use you as my motivation to get me through my rough days...thank you, for being you, the strong, appreciative, hard working, loving & caring person who you are. I luv u Michelle...and have you guys in my prayers always.


    I know believe me...sometimes superhero's need to be saved too keep up the fantastic job!!!!

  2. Hi Michelle, I was reading your status about those two junior high girls who asked if they can do community service or so.. I was wondering would you need any other help? I'm actually doing ALOT of community service for my school and I would like to know if it's okay, when your in Santa Rosa or anywhere if I could help out some how. I was amazed with all the changes and all those statuses you posted about David. 9/10 times I would go on Facebook I would look up your profile to see if anything new has been going on with David. But if you could, can you text me to talk about this. If I can do anything to help, or anything.
    Thank you, for reading this.