Friday, April 6, 2012

Our 10th Anniversary

Good Friday is a very significant day for me for many reasons. Some more obvious than others! I found Christ as an adult on Good Friday in 2002.  I grew up in the church and had know of God, but 2002 is when I made my own choice to follow, serve, and commit  to God as my Lord and Savior.   

I remember it as if it was yesterday,  I looked into the little brown eyes of a child I was working with and for the first time ever found my purpose in life.  In that moment my life was forever changed and I left my old life behind to begin a new one. 

It was a life changing experience for me.  Good Friday is kind of like God and My anniversary.  Every year, never fails, something spectacular and random happens on Good Friday.  I believe it is God Graciously honoring my commitment to him by showing me his commitment to me! 

This year a group of High School students that David nor I have ever met, decided to hold a car wash to benefit David.  These teenagers spent their day off scrubbing cars for a child they have never even met.  If that is not love I don’t know what is!   I also got a phone call about a potential speaking engagement, book opportunity, and grant to get my business started.  All this happening on Good Friday is no coincidence to me.  

I would like to thank everyone who has helped support us in the journey in anyway.  Many of you joined "Team David" with your prayers, support, visits, words of encouragement, and/or all of the above.    God is Amazing and I am so glad that there are still people willing to allow God to use them to share his Love.  Right now I am filled with tears of joy and feel God’s love covering me from head to toe.

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