Monday, April 30, 2012

Our Experience with a Service Dog Went Amazing!

The dog in the picture would not be David's dog, they just brought Evan to see how David would react. If we get a dog it would be a puppy that would start training now, specifically for David and his needs. For a dog that can do both seizure alert and wheelchair assistance it cost approximately 18,000.00 which must be paid before we even enter boot camp. I have sale a lot of stuff and do some major fundraising to do, to make this happen!



 I was a little discouraged about the price, but then a friend reminded me...
"its a lot, but how much would a live in aid cost, or a care home placement cost for a year? in perspective, the dog will cost less, and provide him with a sense of independence, not to mention, companionship and love from a furry friend!"

He who started will be Faithful to complete in you!

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