Friday, April 20, 2012

Save the Date… May 19th ~ You are Cordially Invited to David’s Miracle Celebration

It is official the location time, and date are all secured. Save the Date… 
May 19th
 ~ You are Cordially Invited to David’s Miracle Celebration ~ 

If ever in my life there was a time or something to celebrate it is this, now!  To all our faithful followers please join us on May 19, 2012 in a Celebration of David's life! Come meet the Miracle himself and hear his story.  

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  1. We just secured the location so I am still in the process of working on securing everything else and organizing the event.

    So far we have secured a food vendor ~ El Gran Taquito Mexican Grill, Someone to make “Team David” cupcakes and a cake, a surprise appearance from a Super Hero (other than David) and I am currently looking for other entertainment (jumping castle, cotton candy machine, ect...)

    We are on a tight budget so we are looking for items and/or services to be donated or offered at a reduced rate…

    If you know of anyone who would be willing to volunteer their time and/or services or offer us a reduced rate please let me know. =) I am also up for ideas for the event.

    I started to stress about how I was going to make this all happen and then found out that a friend of ours lost their daughter on the 16th of this month. She is planning and having her daughters funeral services this weekend.

    This event is very important to me because when I put things into perspective I could have been planning a funeral, but I have been blessed with the opportunity to plan a Celebration of my son’s Life/Miracle.

    My heart is broken for the Evans family and I realized that David’s Celebration of Life/Miracle event is not something that I should be stressing about. It will all happen the way God wants things to happen.