Friday, April 6, 2012

Today is a significant day for many reasons…

Today is a significant day for many reasons…  Thousands of years ago today, my God sent his only son, not just die, but to be tortured and brutality murdered for our sins and transgressions.   

After almost loosing my son less than two months ago I know how tremendously painful the thought of living without my child, my only son could be.   The entire experience puts life into perspective for me.  I can’t imagine how much our God must love each and every one of us.  I know I could not have done the same.  Sacrificing something I love so much, someone so pure and innocent for the sake of sinners!   

That is the beauty of it all.  God gave us another chance despite ourselves, and he did it out of love. His sacrifice was not done because we were worthy of it, it is what makes us worthy.  

I hope today we can all take time and remember that this weekend is not about Eggs and a Bunny…. It is about a sacrifice made for each and everyone of us.   Jesus died so that the broken pieces of my heart could be put back together, so that my son’s broken body could be made whole.   He died so that you and I could all witness a miracle when David opened his eyes and took his first breath after doctors said he would not/could not make it through the night.  

Thank you Jesus, for bearing the cross so that I would not have too.  May everything I do be a reflection of your love and mercy.  May every passing day make me more and more like you.  

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