Friday, May 11, 2012

For the last few weeks I have felt blessed beyond measure.  I can’t seem to find the words to articulate how extremely grateful we are.  Last Sunday the pastors wife shared a testimony which really summed it up quite perfectly.

“God is always with us” she proclaimed.  She shared about a time in her life, in which she felt down.  She explained how she struggled with the idea that God was with us in those moments we feel so alone.  She spoke about how hard it was for her to see God in the midst of her miscarriage.   She knew he did not cause her to miscarry, but questioned where God was in the midst of her pain and grief.

She than explained that God spoke to her showing her that even though it felt as if he was not their he was indeed by her side.  On the days that followed many friend and members of her church congregation supported them.  When she was unable to clean her house God sent women from the church to volunteer.  On the days that getting out of bed and cooking meals where tasks to intense, he sent members of the church with dinner, “that is how you could see me and my presence in the midst of your pain”. 

That is how I feel.  For many years I struggled to see God in my life, situation, and even heart at times.  I felt so lost, abandoned, and neglected.   My perspective has changed and when I wonder where God is, I see him in the College and High school soccer teams washing cars on weekends to help me with David’s medical expense, I see God in our new friends who our fundraising for us all the way from KS, and his presence is present in the contractors and volunteers putting our new house together!  God is with us always, continuously working in our lives!  He has always been there, but sometimes he comes in packages we might not expect.  

Thank you God, for sending all the amazing people you have, who were willing to be a vessel and  part of changing our lives.  You have all been God hands and feet embracing us when we needed God's warm embrace.   David and I are now in an amazing place because of it. 

Only 3 more hours until I get the best Mother’s day gift in the world.  The ability to see my son in the home he needs and deserves!

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  1. So very happy for you and David!