Monday, September 24, 2012

Lord You Are MORE Than Enough!!!

As get in my car to drive home from work I feel a knot welling in my throat.  The minute I start the car I can no longer contain my tears, like a faucet the tears begin streaming down my cheeks and I can help but to think to myself:

“Sometimes I don't feel strong enough, I don't feel brave enough, sometimes I just don't feel like enough!!! “

I turn on K-LOVE and begin my drive home and the first song that comes on is More Than Amazing by Lincoln Brewster

You're the One who walked on water
And You calmed the raging seas
You command the highest mountains 
To fall upon their knees
You're the One who welcomed sinners
And You opened blinded eyes
You restored the brokenhearted
And You brought the dead to life

Forgetting all our sins
You remember all Your promises

You are amazing
More than amazing 
Forever our God 
You're more than enough 
You are amazing

I quickly realized that I don’t need to be enough because my Lord is more than enough.  In that moment God reassured me that he is and always will be more than enough!

I can’t help but to feel so defeated at times. 

Whatever it is I am going through is very uncomfortable.  I have spent my entire adult live chasing my goals and now that I have reached most of them I am struggling with what is next.  I am the type of person who has my entire life planned out.  My plans haven’t worked out too well so letting God determine what’s next is a great thing, but very distressing for me.  I feel so lost, my future seems so uncertain. 

I do realizes that sometimes being lost is the only place I can be, that allows God to find me and me find him.  I know that it has been on my knees that I have received the most healing and my life has been the most transformed.  I am at a place of complete surrender.  On my knees is where I will stay while I allow God to determine what is next for us.  

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