Thursday, October 4, 2012

I just got of the phone with Brian the owner of Arizona Goldens,  I still don’t know what dog we are getting because it is a surprise, but we are officially beginning boot camp tomorrow evening.  This means that for the first time in 15 years David will be able to sleep safely in his own bed.  

Brian said they recently took our dog to an event for children with a variety of special needs so that they could expose the dog to various medical conditions and see how she interacted.  He said that the dog immediately showed interested in particular children, but all of their special needs were very different.  After speaking to the parents of the children the dog took to, he discovered that although the children all suffered from different disabilities the one characteristic they shared was epilepsy.   This is very comforting news. 

I wanted to again than SheKnows for all of the amazing things they have done for our family.  Life is so very different for us now and Thank You just doesn't seem to be enough!!!   I also wanted to thank our church. the River of Life who  took a love offering for David and I last Sunday.  As a result, we were able to collect enough money to purchase a home surveillance system.  Tomorrow morning we are having surveillance cameras installed throughout our house so that David can be monitored (for his safety) as we get adjusted to his new found independence. 

I am so very excited about this step in our lives.  Although,  I must admit that letting go of some of the customs that David and I are so use to is still a little scary.  Lately I have been working long hours and it seems as if the only time David and I get to bond and cuddle is bed time.  Him and I both having our independence is long overdue, but not having an excuse to keep him in my bed is giving mommy a little separation anxiety.

I guess that means it is time for us to create new customs and traditions in our NEW LIFE =)

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