Sunday, October 21, 2012

In Loving Memory of Mylee ~ Thank you Hopekids for all that you do!

Today we participated in the 4th annual Hope Walk which benefits Hopekids.

A note from Mylee’s mother Sara…

The Legend of the Backward Princess

Once upon a time, there was a princess who did everything backward.When she was supposed to be born, she almost died. But she lived, and everyone was happy.
But when she was supposed to swallow her food down, she threw it up, instead. 

When she was supposed to walk, her legs wouldn't work right. And when she was supposed to sing, as princesses do, she struggled to make words.

The King and Queen and the whole kingdom loved their Backward Princess very much, but sometimes they just didn’t know what to do for her.
They visited royal doctors. They tried magic spells and potions and sometimes, the Backward Princess would surprise them.

With her sunshine smiles, her wiggles & giggles, her dances with her mommy, and the times she could say, “I love you, daddy” she would fill the kingdom with hope.
A new princess joined the family, and she zoomed forward and loved her princess sister.
Together, the royal family filled the kingdom with their brave journeys, their love & smiles, and really awesome facebook pix.

The Queen herself went on a quest to cure the Backward Princess.  She braved the dark forest of doubt and fear, she battled the deadly swamp monsters of health care, she learned from the sages, and through it all the King protected them when they needed it, and sent the Queen a margarita when she needed that.
But nothing they tried could change the destiny of the Backward Princess and before you knew it, it was her time to pass on.  But she did that backwards, too.
She didn’t die from a magic spell or a dragon battle or a poisoned charm in fact, she hardly died at all.

Her backward story–and don’t forget those facebook posts–touched life after life after life . . . she just kept living in the hearts of the King and the Queen and her princess sister, and then her story grew beyond that, and she was celebrated all throughout the kingdom . . .
The Backward Princess taught many people how to live and love and embrace their lives and grow forward and her spirit will soar free, forever.

In Memory of Mylee, please donate to this wonderful organization.  We continue to give praise, to fight hard, and to have 24:07:HOPE... Give to Hopekids Arizona!! ♥ .   

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