Monday, October 22, 2012

Never fails that when I begin to get tired and/or weary  I receive a random message or call (sometimes from random strangers)  from people who want to share with us how my son, his smile, or our story has impacted their lives or that they care.   It always comes as a gentle reminder of what our journey is about.   It is about pushing forward, overcoming, and allowing our journey to testifying how faithful our God is and how strong we can be when we choose to fully rely on him for our strength. 

Sometimes it’s as simple as someone taking a few moments to share a few kind words, that helps me step back and put everything in perspective.  So to each and everyone one of you who have taken the time to encourage us throughout this journey just KNOW that you have made a difference. 

Take the time to encourage others whether you know them or not.  Life can be challenging and in the mist of those challenges it is easy for our human nature to become defeated.   Sometimes a simple reminder, whatever that may be, is all someone might need to muster the courage necessary to continue on!  You never know what a significant impact those few words of encouragement might have on somebody's journey… so share them! 

For myself,  I find that I often get caught up in “the challenges of life”  and quickly become  exhausted.I know things eventually always slow down and I always manage to pull through,  but in the meanwhile I sometimes need to be reminded of what our journey is about... Love, Courage, Hope, Faith, Grace!

"To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world"

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