Friday, December 14, 2012

7:42pm Update
David has been extremely shaky & lethargic since we left the zoo so after another vomiting spell I decide to take to the ER if for nothing else my peace of mind! The good news is he has no fever, he is still smiling, and he's quite amused and giggling at all the hospital sounds. It looks like it might just be the flu. I am probably just being paranoid since our last experience but I rather be safe than sorry. Please say a prayer us.

1:41am Update
Well at least the zoo wasn't our only quick trip this evening. After less than five hours in the ER and we are being discharged and heading home. David is dehydrated and has some sort of bug but other than that all he needs is a little TLC.

All I can think of is crawling into my bed under warm overs and catching a few hours of sleep before I have to get up for work and then I remember.... David vomited all over my bed and all of my bedding before I decided to bring him in. "Sigh" now to finish laundry and find a set of sheets.
At least my little mans OK!

5:43am Update
We got home a little after 2:00am and after some Zofran David was able to keep down some pedialyte.  He is fast asleep and I sure wish I could join him.  I am up and on my way to work.  I can barely open my eyes and my first stop is for a 24oz coffee.  Thank God for weekends and sleep!

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