Sunday, December 9, 2012

 I've been struggling a little lately. Not about anything big just a whole bunch of little things.  I've been missing my dad, worried about David getting sick, buried at work, trying to prepare for the holidays, keeping the house work kept up, managing the finances, Finding time and money to get my dental work completed, and somehow finding time for family and friends which is what the holidays are all about!  I have been just a little overwhelmed with life in general.

Last week, I had five minutes of downtime so I stopped at Subway for lunch.   Everything I still needed to get done started racing through my head.   As I went to enter the restaurant  I noticed a little old man in a wheelchair sitting outside the subway entrance.   As I entered he asked me if I could do him a favor and open the door so that he could go in and eat.  This particular subway didn't have a handicap button so he was unable to open the door and get in on his own.  I open the door for him and gave him an inviting smile.   He began to joke with me about how hungry he was and that while he was sitting out there  his stomach was growling at him.

As I was ordering  my sub I felt compelled to pay for this precious mans lunch as well, so I purchase a gift card.  I instructed the cashier to hand it to the man to pay for his meal but, only after I left the building. 

For that moment all of my problems and everything I had been worried about seemed so insignificant.  This man was not frustrated or angry as he patiently waited  for someone to help him.  His attitude reminded me to slow down and appreciate the little things we so often take for granted.  Buying his lunch was just a small gesture to thank him for sharing his smile with me. 

I know what it's like to have device intended to provide you more freedom also act as a barrier.  David and I have lived with a wheelchair attached to our lives.  I also know what it's like to be be stuck outside watching from a window or the side lines, and I know how out-of-control it feels when no matter how hard you try there's just some things you can't do by yourself.   I truly know because I live that life with my son.  Although, I didn't want this precious man to know that it was me who blessed him with his lunch, part of me wanted to squeeze him and let him know how much he had blessed me.  I wanted to let him know how courageous he was and how special his smile is!

I am going to make an conscious effort to focus on those around me, I will enjoy smiles and share mine!   When I get overwhelmed I will remind myself  that my too do list, although important, is not worth my joy!

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