Wednesday, December 12, 2012

CHRISTmas is only 13 days a way and I am trying to remain positive and focus on what this season is all about, but I have been thrown some curve balls this month.  My dental work has taken much longer and cost much more than I had anticipated spending this month.  I am having a real hard time recovering from my surgery (dental implant) and I have been in constant pain for the last five days.  I am swollen, uncomfortable  and I can't eat!!!!  That makes for one grumpy me.  

In addition to my dental fiasco, my mechanic just informed me that I need almost $500.00 worth of work to my vehicle.  When it rains it pours!!!  Well I guess I will be unpacking my rain boots and umbrella and preparing to weather this storm because after the rain comes a RAINBOW!

I am excited to move past 2012 and into 2013 where I know God has many more blessings in-store for David and I.  With so many positive changes in our lives and having let go of some unnecessary baggage this last year David and I are finally prepared to enter this new year off fresh...  2013 HERE WE COME!!!

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