Thursday, December 13, 2012

I still not too sure how I went from being extremely excited about the Starlight Foundations annual Christmas event at Zoolights to having a meltdown while sitting in my car crying hysterically in a matter of 30 minutes!   We wait all year for the Starlight Foundation's Christmas event which is phenomenal. After a stressful month I was really looking forward to some much-needed QT with my Dayday!   Once we got into the zoo we entered a lavishly decorated hall with a Wizard of Oz theme.  There were decorations, Christmas carolers the whole nine yards.  We had just got seated  to enjoy our meals & no more than five minutes in  I realize David is acting a little funny.  I leaned over to check on him and right at that moment he projectile vomited all over himself, me, my purse, and the dinner table.  

Needless to say we left the event, both covered in vomit doing the walk of shame.  As we get around the corner David says "mom why you crying?" and all I could say is "really David".   I'll probably laugh about this tomorrow but right now I'm completely stressed out and overwhelmed! It's been a long day, long week, long month and all I wanted to do is finally enjoy a Holiday event with the love of my  life. 

To be honest,  I think what has me so upset  is the thought that whatever David might have might require a trip to the ER or Hospital.  I know it is silly, but even the thought of going to the hospital gives me great anxiety.  All I can think about is that the last time David went to the hospital he almost did not make it back home.  I love my life, it has made us who we are, I would not change things for the world, but sometimes I wish we could be “normal” just for the Holidays. 

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