Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Things That Matter...

Last week was an extremely emotionally challenging week for us .  I feel like I have been attacked from every angle.  I have had to deal with some very painful emotions about events in our lives. While trying to keep my thoughts under control and my focus on God I have had to deal with people attacking my character, my phone being stolen, and several other issues. 

Frustrated and overwhelmed it has become easy for me to focus on insignificant things in my life, people who I can easily remove from our lives or items that can be replaced.  Somehow getting caught up in circumstance I forgot about what this week really represents.

You see a year ago Doctors told me that I needed to come to terms with the fact that after many years of fighting , my precious David was losing the battle for his life.  I was told that there was no possible way he could pull through.  His organs were already shutting down and my little guy was quickly deteriorating.    
I stayed at his bedside for 5 weeks praying for miracles.  All of my family, friends, and Facebook friends joined us in those prayers.   One precious day last February I leaned over and whispered in his ear and despite all odds, and the Doctors predictions, God granted us the miracle we had been diligently praying for.  DAVID RESPONDED AND OPENED HIS EYES!!!!!

That is what I will choose to focus on this week and every second I am blessed with my Dayday’s presence.   I will try everything in my power to not let circumstances or situations in life rob from me the amazing works God has already completed in our lives.   Be Blessed =)

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