Friday, March 29, 2013

The Ultimate Sacrafice

10 years ago today I made a decision that would forever change our lives.  After an opportunity to work with a local nonprofit that serves at-risk youth I realized that I was fighting for the wrong team.  It was in that moment that I decide to follow Christ and serve disadvantaged children.  Today I have been blessed with a beautiful son that wears a permanent smile, I have seen miracles and been part of them, I have students and families whose faith and dedication inspire me daily,  amazing friends that I could not live without,  a loving family, a new and accessible home, a car, education, and most importantly a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

I can’t imagine where I would be had I not made that decision to serve Christ and am grateful I will never have to  find out.  I am not perfect, better than the next person, nor do I live a sin free life, but one thing I am is SAVED!!!!  I am so grateful that God made the ultimate sacrifice so that I could live the life I live now. 

Happy Good Friday everybody and Thank you JESUS!

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