Sunday, May 5, 2013

All things are possible through Christ

David and I have been nominated to win a wheelchair accessible vehicle.  If we can make it into the top 5% of votes in the next 5 days our story will go to a panel of judges who will select a family to receive a full equipped and accessible vehicle.  

We started the competition 51 days into a 68 day voting period which gave us much less time to acquire the votes we need than our competition, but I BELIEVE!!!!!  This would be life changing for us and would eliminate a huge challenge for us.  This would mean that lifting David (who is 95lbs)  would no longer be necessary for us to travel or go places.  This has been a burden that has physically taken a toll on my body over the last few years. 

We need ANYONE and EVERYONE to continue voting daily and if at all possible share our link on Facebook, through email, and with friends and family,  daily for the next five days, and please ask you friends and families to vote and post the link on their pages as well. It would mean the world to us.
Be Blessed. Go TEAM David!!!

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