Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tomorrow it the big day... Graduation! I wrote the speech for my student who is graduating, but it applies to all of the families and special students who will be graduating tomorrow.

"Words cannot express how proud of you I am. You are a determined and courageous young woman. You have defied adversity.  You have looked life’s challenges right in the face and continued moving forward, and the opportunity to be even a small part of your journey is an  experience I will never forget. I know I was here to change your life, but the truth is you changed mine. If I succeeded in teaching you half of what you have taught me, I feel accomplished.

You have taught me to sing, dance, clean, and above all you have assured me that I have chosen the right path for myself. When I think of hero’s I don’t think of Superman or Wonder Woman. I think of my students, my son, and the amazing families that have helped push you all to this point.
My one wish for you is that you continue to share that beautiful smile of yours with the world, because that smile has not only brightened my life but has brightened the lives of many people you have encountered.

As an educator, member of the community, mother of a special needs child, and as friend I salute you! I salute you and your amazing families who have embarked on this long and sometimes challenging journey with you.

May you continue to be blessed in all that you do for you all are the wind beneath my wings!"

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