Sunday, June 2, 2013

Me & This Wheelchair ~ by Michelle Campuzano  2013

Me and this wheelchair,  we have a love-hate relationship.  I love that we have it but hate that we need it.

I love that it helps my child get around,  but hate that it is something we can't live without.

On a bad day our chair reminds me of the limitations in our lives .  On a good day it reminds me that I'm lucky that my child is alive at all. 

Some days I hate folding it in & out of our vehicle,  tugging  it around everywhere we go.  Somedays I am sadden by the fact that everything we do and everywhere we go has to revolve around our need for this stupid yet so important set of wheels.

There are moments that I cannot stand the fact that we are identified by our chair "the mom of the little boy in the wheelchair", but I also have come to terms with the fact that it has become a permanent fixture in our lives.

Their are other days I don't even realize our chair is there because it has become part of our normal.

I love that our chair relieves me of the burden of lifting my child,  getting him from point A to point B. This chair and these two pair of wheels have become my partner, my co-pilot on this journey.  Our mission, to give my child the same opportunities every other child gets to have.

 I love our chair because it has been a tool that has eliminated some of the  burdens and limitations in our lives,  but at the same time I hate that we need it at  all.  

There are days  that my body aches &  I thank God that I have an alternate means to transport my child and then there are days that I look at our wheelchair and curse at it.  

You see our chair...  and it's wheels... Have helped us become stronger compassionate people!  Although there are paths in our lives that are not accessible to us, our chair has allowed us to travel a road that  has a trail and view that most are never able to experience.

Being lower to the ground reminds us more often to stop and smell the flowers.    Because our means of transportation is much more bulky and bigger than most. we have to make sure that we're always conscious of those around us, and considerate of their space and feelings.  

Oh and let me mention one more thing, that alternate route that we have been forced to take because there is not space or accessibility on the route everyone else is taking ,  it has forced us to slow down and enjoy the journey, to appreciate the small things, and to embrace what God has  given  us.

Although I sometimes hate our wheelchair, at the end of the day I  love the places it's brought us, the people it's made us,  and above all else I love the  journey it's allowed us to embark on!

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