Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy Thursday almost Friday :)  A random Campuzano moment...  So one of my student had to  use the restroom during specials.  Right as he goes into the boys bathroom they announce a lockdown (not a test). I leave my other students in specials in the computer lab with the computer teacher and run to grab them from the restroom, but unfortunately he had just begun to go number two and couldn't force himself to go any quicker than he was already going.  We ended up having to get locked into the boys bathroom.  

All I could think is what it is my karma that I'm going to be stuck locked in a boys restroom  with poop and no AC.  Once it was over and I was reunited with my other students  all I could do is laugh  and think about the stories I will be able to tell my grandkids one day!  

After the fact, that same student told me I was the greatest greatest greatest greatest greatest teacher he's ever had in his life ;). It doesn't matter that he's only in first grade, it still made me feel special! Lol

Moral of the story... it pays to take one for the team because your students will love you forever!

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