Friday, August 16, 2013

I just need to vent... Fighting with insurance companies and doctors for routine care can sometimes become an additional full-time job!  David has been on the same seizure meds from most two years but now there's a struggle between two insurance companies on who should pay for what services.  That should not affect our family or David's  care but of course it does.  

I've been trying to resolve the issue since early Wednesday with no avail.  Unfortunately they did not want to refill David's seizure meds until he was seen by his Neurologist which was scheduled for 22 August, but the appointment was canceled because we are having to fight over which clinic David should be seen at and who should pay.  

Having to worry about David seizing is very traumatic for me since his last seizure was the start of a battle that almost cost my angel his life.

The fact that I'm fighting with Doctors and insurance companies who are solely concerned about how they're going to get paid well I'm worried about how to keep my son alive and well has me in an emotional uproar! 


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