Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My dearest David, there is

                                               no humble way to explain what your life means,

Or a simple way for people to understand how my disabled child has taught me so many astonishing things.

Unconditional love is an emotion I thought I would never know,
Until one day in my tummy, you began to grow.

But shortly after you were born I began to understand,
That God specifically chose YOU to be my special little man.

So fragile and frail we grew together as a team,
Just one look into your eyes and I knew what the term unconditional love was supposed to mean.

Who was to know that life would take us to such mysterious places,
When it seemed that there was no light to guide us through, your spirit kept a smile on our faces.

We have climbed mountains high and seen valleys low,
Yet through each one of our challenges, together we would grow.

With a mommy's broken heart and a child's broken body,
We courageously faced the world, proving that we could be broken by nothing or conquered by nobody.

We have traveled a journey that's been long and hard,
Even in my darkest moments you've continued to be my guiding star.

You have been my motivation, strength, courage, inspiration, and biggest fan,
It is you my sweet angel, I give credit for who I am.

A Hero defined as... "a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities" is how I describe you my son,
A precious sweet child whose spirits & life prove Gods work in us is never done!

So as we continue on to climb our next mountain, I'm ready to go,
Because no matter where this journey might lead us, I know that always and forever by my side will be you, my HERO!

Happy 17th Birthday My Super Hero!!!