Saturday, February 22, 2014

I have decided to create a photo book for David.  As I sit and rummage through years and years of photos I find myself succumb to many unexpected emotions.  I watch our journey unfolds as we both grow, I become a woman and he becomes a very charming little young man.  I began to piece together our journey starting first with our holiday photos, then our hospital stays, my graduations, and I watch as  our lives unfold through these photographs.  Where did all the time go? How did we get to where we are today? And is this where were supposed to be because it's been one hell of a ride. 

I reminisce on all the amazing things we've had the opportunity to do and see.  The photos remind me of our travels and all the amazing people we have been blessed to meet along the way.  I even came across all of our magazine and newspaper articles, awards, and the photos from our home makeover.  I was reminded of David’s first brain surgery when he was only 2 months old and I was only17,  I remember surgery number 10, surgery number 31, and all of the surgeries and hospital stays in between and then I took a breath and looked at our lives now and realized somehow we have managed to proudly remain standing! 

Then I came across our  birthday photos and watch as both conquer one year after another and I realize that  on David’s next birthday things will drastically change as David officially becomes an adult. Anxiety runs through my soul as I realize that my precious child will longer be able to go to Phoenix Children's Hospital or see his pediatrician was treated him for 17 years.  I can’t help but wonder how  much one year is going to require our lives to change.   

I just figured out how to care for a child with disabilities and then he became an adolescent, and now I will have to figure out how to care for an adult.  In all reality not much really change, but I know we're about to embark on a different journey that will be filled with change that might be intense and scary until we get adjusted.  All in all and so grateful for the amazing life we've had, the  unbreakable bond that David and I share, and the fact that we've survived so much and are still smiling! 

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