Friday, May 30, 2014

I am so fortunate to have such phenomenal best friends who always come to my rescue. Last night they showed up and we broke bread, shared laughs, tears, and best of all we shared our love and support for one another!

Sometimes no matter how difficult life may be that's all you need to see the upside of things.  

I must say I think the funniest story of the night is me recapping my crybaby experience at the bank.  I was trying to explain to the banker that I needed my documents ASAP and didn't have time (5-7 days) because I was about to leave for Europe to go see my mother, who is in prison with cancer (like that's all normal). Just as he looked up from his computer like OMG what do I do next, the tears began pouring down my cheeks.  In the background there was this very loud drilling noise that was making my anxiety even worse then it already was.  Then in the middle of my meltdown I wiped my tears, looked at him and said "do you really work with this noise all day" and then I began crying again.  

You must've thought I was crazy and at that point I was!  Lol

Moral of the story... God, good friends and laughter fixes almost everything.

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